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Lasham Woods, Lasham Rd
Alton, GU34 5FZ

+44 1256 381 222


Factory Service

The Factory Service & Re-certification for your Perfect Descent auto belay is only needed once every 2 years, and costs €355 per device.

What is included in the service

  • Unit breakdown to components

  • Detailed inspection and cleaning of components

  • Repairs and replacements as required

  • Re-assembly and functional test

Please note that the lanyard is inspected during the service and replaced if necessary. The cost of the lanyard is not included in the service price.


Service Procedure

Complete the service form and include a print-out of the confirmation email with your device(s).

Send your Perfect Descent(s) to us in the original packaging:

Descendo Ltd
Lasham Woods
Lasham Road
GU34 5FZ
United Kingdom

Contact Person: Sascha Noyes

Contact Telephone Number: +44 1256 381 222

The standard turn-around time for the service is 3-5 working days from receipt of the Perfect Descent to return shipment.

Your Perfect Descent will be shipped back as soon as payment for the service has been received.